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Life Groups are small groups of people who meet together regularly in an informal environment – usually in homes or work places, but potentially anywhere! Life Groups is our commitment to fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples in our community, neighbourhood and home. We have Life Groups for everyone: Young Women, Young Adults, Couples, Parents, Men, Women, and Seniors.

People can easily attend church gatherings and be part of a large crowd but never really get involved, make friends, develop their spiritual gifts, serve and be held accountable in a practical way. Our Life Groups fulfill these important elements of the Christian life. We are called to do life together. So we invite you to join us as we seek God together and discover ‘the more’ that Jesus has prepared for us ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ by the power of His Spirit.

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We are a group for women who meet up once a month in Erskine. We enjoy sharing, encouraging and supporting one another. Our heart is to encounter God and discover how He wants to shape us and send us as channels of His grace. We use different means to find out what God may want to be teaching us; this includes the Bible, DVD’s, books, or whatever we feel would be a means of learning for us. Our group is open to those who are simply interested in finding out more about God or who may simply want to be part of a group where they will be supported and loved, as well as those who may have known Him for a long time. We try to provide helping hands, listening ears and loving hearts. We would love to have you along and be part of the blessing that we have found this group to be for us.
We are a group of S5/S6 - University aged young adults who seek to journey through life together and discover what it means to walk in the ways of the most influential Person to have walked the earth.  Three words would describe what we do - Scripture, Servanthood & Short Films. Our group is based on Scripture and going deeper into God's word to discover the truths from the ancient text in order to live them out in the 21st Century.  We love to serve people who are in greater need than ourselves and you will often find us helping the elderly, building things, clearing things, or in Glasgow serving the poor.  Finally, we love films, especially thought provoking short films, that challenge our way of life and how we can become better human beings. So, why not jump in and go deeper than you have gone before...discovering what it means to be a follower of Christ and becoming the person you were created to be?!
A fun-loving Life Group for Mums (and their children). We meet to encourage one another, share prayer request, enjoy our children playing together and to consider books like 'The Prayer of Jabez for Women.' Each week holds something new and exciting!
A place where fun, friendship and amazing faith collide with young women, intersecting truth and life by impacting those around them through fellowship, service and love.
A Life Group for anyone who enjoys food, film, friendship and deep discussions about real life issues. We are a casual group who love to come together and consider the matchless power of God's grace, the person of Jesus and the claim He makes on our lives.
A group of men aged 20-plus to around 60, who have found friendship and mentorship as a group together. We are always open to new-comers, as we engage in prayer to support each other, and to pray for those each of us is hoping to introduce to Christ. Our plan is to help each other be Overcomers. We are putting together a series of events to invite friends to, that will demonstrate what it means to know and 'walk' with Jesus. We seek to encourage and disciple one-another to be more like God designed us to be as men of faith in our families and homes, in our work and among our neighbours. We are keen to develop as leaders in the church helping the church fulfil its mission to our community. There is fun and laughter in our group each Tuesday evening as we discover more together of what God's Word says about being followers of Jesus: learning how to understand and apply Scripture to our lives, discovering how to be open to God's Spirit as He develops Christ's character in us, and talking through our relationships and responsibilities as Christian men.
A Life Group for COUPLES, who exist to support and encourage each other. 'A journey's better with company.'
A Life Group of women who want to come together and build relationships within and out with the church, support and pray for each other, listen to each other and have lots of fun!
A Life Group for older ladies: sharing experiences, life stories, and together studying the Bible. We're excited about life and what God has for us today--hope to see you soon!
A Life Group for those who want to celebrate the 3rd age of life in Christ and discover what the 'more together' means for us.

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