Local churches have often hidden away in their buildings, becoming part of a christian garrison, strangely alienated from the community and ghettos they should be serving! The church historically on occasions has also reduced the gospel to the proclaiming of the good news of Jesus!  Have you ever desired or thirsted for something better? Do you want your community to know the justice and mercy of the kingdom of God? Are we demonstrating that we are the salt and light of his gospel in the midst of a darkened world?

If you are examining your church could it be described as being fervent in prayer before making crucial actions or decisions? Does your church show compassionate hospitality by radically loving and sharing resources with the whole community? Is it decisively daring and courageous in looking for opportunities to transform your community? Does your church spiritually develop disciples in the word of God and multiply to transform your community, nation and world?

If you are interested in learning about such a community please read the book Adsideo! A copy of the book can be picked up from the table in the church corridor on Sunday or please see John Adair for a loan of this book. If you wish to live out and practice this type of community please check out our website for becoming a part of a blend group.

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