Entering the Story: The Jesus Way

The Way IllustrationEntering the Story means setting out on the life-time journey of following Jesus: discipleship. It is a journey because God is leading us closer to Himself and it is for life because we never “graduate” from being a disciple of Jesus. The image used to promote ‘The Way’ (shown on the left) is a modern stencil of the “Emmaus Road” journey in Luke 24. Jesus, in the centre, meets us where we are – on the road of life – and as we journey with Him we become more and more like Him to the point where it’s impossible to separate us. We are forever journeying together, being drawn closer and closer to Christ. We are “people of the Way” (Acts 24:14), called by God as witnesses to the resurrection power of Jesus Christ in word and action. So, we look to God’s Word, to the Holy Scriptures that we might:

  1. discover who God is – His nature and character,
  2. discover God’s mission in the world – what He wants to get done, and
  3. discover our place in God’s Story – how God desires to renew us in His image so that in our new life together we might be a foretaste of what is to come, a kingdom of priests, God’s ministers of reconciliation to the world.

The Bible is the Story of God – it declares God. And so we approach God and His Word in humility and with thankfulness as it is a gift and that gift is life to us (Deuteronomy 8:3). We don’t come to God’s Word trying to master it, or use it for our own purposes. Instead, we come to be mastered by it and to be set on fire for God’s own purposes, as they are the purposes that set all things in motion and hold all things together. The more we give ourselves passionately to God’s Word the more we will discover the sheer beauty and holiness of the God of all creation. The adventure and excitement of the journey come as we discover anew God’s Story and our place within it!

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