Smiling Mum with baby daughter

Please note, toddlers isn’t running through the summer but will return on August 20th.


ECN plays host to four Parent & Toddler groups over three days of the week.

With over 150 families being represented over the 4 sessions the atmosphere is electric as bouncing babies and toddling tots play and interact with a wide variety of toys and games, as well as singing their hearts out and playing an instrument at sing-a-long…Look out for the adults doing the actions to the songs too! Energy is restored as the children get their juice and biscuits and ‘Parents’ top-up with tea and coffee.

Parent & Toddlers is open to all and we have mums, dads, grandparents and childminders who bring children along each Tuesday, Thursday and/or Friday. Come along and join us any or all of the days 🙂

Start times are: 10am – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

12:30pm – Thursday


We have a creche available on Sundays for ages 0-4 from the start of service to the end.