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Pregnant? Been in hospital? Bereaved?

Help when you need it most!

We all have times when circumstances mean that we have no time or energy left to make a proper hot family meal – and it’s usually when we need it most to keep us going!

manna meals logoWe aim to fill this gap for you, by providing a hot meal for you and your family, just till you get back on your feet again.

These meals are provided by ordinary folk, who just make extra when making their own family meal, and then deliver it to your door, free of charge – what could be simpler!

If we can help you, or someone you know – just fill in the form below and submit it to us – or phone on 0141 571 4412 for more information.

Or, please contact us if you would like to get involved by making some meals for others, helping with delivery or admin?

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    Please be aware, we are not a business – these meals are prepared by ordinary people in their own homes, often the same meal they will be feeding their own families. Although we would never mean to cook something you don’t like, or that could make you ill, please understand that you are accepting these meals as a gift, and at your own liability. We aim to make meals that the whole family can enjoy – but if you have very young children or fussy eaters, we may not always manage this, sorry.

    Meals are usually delivered in the evening, hot and ready to eat, although sometimes a meal will be delivered earlier, ready to put in the oven yourself, but with very little preparation needed.