On December 22nd, Erskine Church of the Nazarene held their 2nd Annual Christmas Give-Away. Over 20 volunteers gathered at Morrison’s (Bridgewater Shopping Centre) to hand out FREE gift bags of sweets, candy canes, home-baking, a Christmas carol cd and an invitation to the church’s Christmas Day and Hogmanay services.

Even though it was cold and rainy, dedication and perseverance was the name of the game for those who came and participated. Despite the weather, it was all in all a great time for all to have and there were a few things to do to keep your mind off the cold!

Joanne Tarrant and a team of talented “carollers” joined forces to give the passing shoppers a treat by singing a number of Christmas carols to put you in the Christmas mood. And while you were listening to the beautiful sound, why not stop over to the table and give your taste buds a treat by eating some delicious home-baking and have a cup of hot “Christmas Drink” to warm your heart.

And I will add, the conversation wasn’t that bad either!

At the end of it all, I am sure everyone would agree what a joy it was to bless our community and a simple way to say “Merry Christmas.”

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