Easter GiveawayNearly 1,000 Easter bags, filled with chocolate eggs, were made collectively by ‘Erskine Churches together’ (Nazarene, Elim, Baptist, Church of Scotland) to be handed out to our community.  Hundreds of people from all four churches gathered and scattered throughout Bridgewater and  Bargarran ready to embrace what the day held for us.

It was a beautiful day and even the sun was shining!  But not only was it a beautiful day, it was a beautiful sight!  With laughter in the air, Easter songs being sung, and a cuppa in hand, there was a real sense of community among ourselves.  This was the first time in many years that all of the churches had gathered together to minister to the city we live in. It INDEED was a beautiful sight to see.

Like stated above, nearly 1,000 bags were handed out the Saturday before Easter Sunday–and we all thought for sure that we would be handing them out for a couple hours! Well… we were all wrong, because they were all gone within 45 minutes!  Many stayed around after for a couple hours to fellowship with another and sing songs of praise… together.

On Easter morning, peoples from all congregations gathered at the Baptist church for an early morning Easter service. Over 50 people came out that brisk and sunny morning to praise and exalt our Risen Saviour! Hallelujah.

What an amazing weekend it was–from start to finish. We believe that this is a new start, for all of God’s people to come together, united as one, looking beyond our differences and ready to embark on a great awakening.

Let’s continue to turn Erskine and beyond upside down… together.

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