Gazing up at the Firework-Lit sky

Over 1800 people filtered into Erskine Church of the Nazarene’s car park to watch Fusion Youth Ministries’ 6th annual Fireworks display. With volunteers hustling and bustling to get ready for the event hours before hand, lines started to quickly form outside the doors, ready to experience a night of fun and excitement!

While the fireworks were outside, inside the church was another story! With live music throughout the night, there was not a dull moment to spare. FromĀ acousticĀ solos to a full band, a big “well done” goes out to all of those who participated. It really was a great night to experience so much talent!

But that was not all folks, there were also an assortment of stalls to look around as well as food, hot/cold drinks and hundreds of home-baking!

“It was a great time to spend with everyone,” said Stephanie Sherwood from Erskine. “It was really cool to meet new people and to see so many families from the community come out for the event. The fireworks were amazing–I was really impressed!”


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