November 17, 2019
This week Reverend Jacob looks at the difference between optimism and hope from a christian point of view.


November 10, 2019
This week we look at the radical message of Christs resurrection and what it means to christians and the church.


August 18, 2019
Alison Loveday brings todays message and continues looking at our churches missional practices, this week looking at Nurturing our faith.


August 11, 2019
The Rev. Jacob Morris continues our look at our churches missional values, this week looking at 'eat'.


August 4, 2019
Pastor Nick Daldry brings this mornings message looking at how to listen to the Lord or spiritual attentiveness.

Be Free

May 19, 2019
This morning Pastor Alan focuses the last part of our mission statement focusing on the Holy Spirit and how he is central to our ability to change.


May 12, 2019
Pastor Alan Baird brings this mornings message looking at the churches mission statement.

Clean & Unclean

April 21, 2019
This weeks message is brought by the Rev. Jacob Morris, looking at Johns account of the days after the crucifixion.


March 24, 2019
Josh Herndon brings todays message talking about his experiences in Romania.

Blessed…or Blown Away

March 17, 2019
Pastor Nick Daldry brings this mornings message looking at the choices we have that enables us to serve God wisely.

Habits of Love

March 10, 2019
At the beginning of Lent Amy Warner brings todays message, looking at how we can allow Jesus to interact with our everyday moments or are how habits.

Who Are You?

March 3, 2019
We look at Peters letter to see what he says about hope and also how we have been chosen by God himself.

When the Lost Gets Lost

February 17, 2019
Th Rev Trevor Hutton today looks at three stories which Jesus told to the pharisees which have the same message of being lost and then found.

The New Math of Grace

February 10, 2019
This morning the Rev Trevor Hutton looks at the concept of forgiveness starting by looking at the Peters question to Jesus, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother…

Go Forward

January 27, 2019
Pastor Jack Swan brings this mornings message focusing on the people of Israel, their journey out of Egypt and one of their greatest challenges, the Red Sea.

Through the Storm

January 20, 2019
Sometimes the worst journeys lead to the best destinations. Amy Warner brings this mornings message leaning on her recent experiences she looks at the concept of sacrifice and struggle.

The Visit of the Magi

January 6, 2019
Our lives are governed by time. The Rev. Jacob Morris looks at the church calendar and how we can look for a pattern that makes sense of our lives.