Sarah Wilson (1 of 9 total) getting baptised by Pastors Derrick and Alan

“Wow” doesn’t even begin to explain of how God was moving on Sunday (4th November)! From testimonies in the morning service all the way to the baptism at night, I think we can all agree and say that our God is a BIG God and that He is most worthy of our praise!

This past weekend (November 2nd-4th) was Erskine Church of the Nazarene’s anniversary weekend, celebrating 31 years of serving in the community. From fireworks on Friday night, to handing out tiger bread loaves and hosting the community meal on Saturday, we headed into Sunday with great expectation but had no idea of how BIG God was going to move!

Four people were on schedule to be “dunked” Sunday night at Erskine Church of the Nazarene, but when Pastor Derrick Thames got up to say a word, he felt the Spirit telling him something more. Derrick went to the passage in Acts 2 and read of how Peter told the crowds to “repent and be baptised” and 3,000 people came forward that day. Derrick challenged the congregation, that if they felt led to be baptised, to not let anything hold them back and to just come forward.

Worship began and as the body of the church were singing together, 5 young people came forward to be baptised! As tears of joy filled the sanctuary, God’s presence was so immense! But there is yet more…

During the call to come forward to be baptised, a man came forward (received a loaf of bread and came to the community potluck meal) and received Christ as His Lord and Saviour! How great is our God?!

God is on the move. The Spirit of the Lord is sweeping in and healing broken hearts and changing lives daily.

Are you ready?

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